what I did last weekend

This is what two grand buys you. It’s more addictive than drugs.

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  1. chak says:

    Where did you guys go? We east coasters were just talking about doing this. And also, is that 2Gs per person? :-D

  2. Ania says:

    Adam has come a long way from when he first started. He no lonegr loses his radio on the hill or at least that I know of him doing. Mark probably put this as a condition of continuing employment! By now he knows how to find most of the pickups not like on our first experience with him where we had to slog it out to the helicopter. Marrying into the family sure helped solidify his position at Crescent Spur. Looking forward to 2011 in mid February and maybe you will be easier on me and maybe let me choose more of my own lines.Jack

  3. Dipankar says:

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