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I’ve always wanted a universal wish list where I can add any product from any website to it.  There are actually quite a few websites that do this (like kaboodle, thisnext, wishlistr), but I don’t want to signup for yet another account on yet another web2.0 site that will inevitably fail in 12 months.

Today, I found my answer, even though it was launched 3 months ago — Amazon Universal Wish List.  It’s a bookmarklet that you add to your quick links (or Bookmarks) bar, and it will add anything from anywhere to your Amazon.com wishlist.

But that wasn’t quite enough, mainly because I hate the bookmarks bar (I think it clutters up the precious real estate on my screen.  So I took a little time, and created a greasemonkey script that adds a button to every page that you can click on.  Of course, you can set up your own inclusion and exclusion lists so that it doesn’t show up on every page.

To use this, you’ll need firefox (2 or 3), greasemonkey, and this script.

And of course, here’s my wishlist.

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  1. stefan says:

    sounds interesting, if you want a wishlist site that allows your friends to contribute towards your wishlist, you should check out wisheo at http://www.wisheo.com
    if you are a facebook member, you don’t need to sign up for another account :)

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