Vintage Seattle

I saw this mansion for sale on the MLS a long time ago (I think for around $2 million). Glad to see that it’s been sold and is being restored. Seems to be a shame that it’s been sitting empty for so long.

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  1. Rayanne says:

    As an appraiser I am very aware of poor or lkicang data on MLS information sheets. I am in central Wisconsin and some data, such as age of a property, is only availabe from assessors who mostly work out of their homes and do not have web sites. When we get orders with short turn times we sometimes can’t find the assessor. It is such a simple process for brokers, who typically have weeks of time to get this info prior to sale but do not bother. We also have a problem with brokers referring to manufactured homes as one story and no mention that it is a manufactured home because they do not want buyers to shy away from them.

  2. Carmen says:

    Muranguinha vossea isqueceu de conmtear o filme das impregadas qui pelo menos tem uma sena muito legal im que a dona branca come bolo de cocf4.

  3. Ali says:

    Miguel answered:both for many rnoases, for example take me and this is just me but when I see a house for rent or sale by owner I always feel I like I can get a better deal working with the owner directly , since the owner will save on agent fees I can try to work part of thouse savings into my final price. now this is me but I am sure many more people feel the same way.Draw backs are of course less exposure, you will have to deal with the paper work and final sale your self depending on your own knowledge or ability to learn this can eaither be easy or a big headachewith an agent you will get more exposure will not have to take the time to show the property yourself all they need from you is a yes and some signatures to sell if there is a buyer for the house or propertydraw backs you lose people like me that are looking for the direct deal and opportunity to save rather it be $ 5000 or $ 50,000 well at the same time you getting your asking price or close to it real estate agents and agencies can charge a very hefty fee depending on the final cost of course of your property

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