Over the past month, I’ve been doing a lot of biking (mainly on the weekends, since apparently long bike rides take a lot of time).  Here’s what I can remember.


(Road) S. Lake Washington -> Cedar River Trail -> Tiger Mountain -> Leschi – 64 miles.


(Road) Same as above – 64 miles


(Mtn) Tapeworm – 4 miles


(Road) Whidbey Island – 72 miles


(Mtn) Tiger Mountain – 12 miles


(Mtn) Rat Pac – 12 miles


(Road) Bainbridge Island – 44 miles


(Mtn) Tokul East – 8-10 mile range


(Mtn) Paradise Valley – 11-13 mile range


(Road) TWBC Peninsula Metric Century – 69 miles

I’m taking a break this weekend as I head home to Canada, but am looking for other trail suggestions for the coming weekends.

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  2. Moussa says:

    It wouldn’t be a teilbrre choice unless your height challenged. It’s relatively light weight and has excellent maneuverability. If your inseam is less than 30 you will be on your tip toes at a stop though. In my opinion, it’s a bit more than a starter bike, but it’s not way over the top for a starter bike either. You should be able to ride it for a couple of seasons before your feel the need to move up. Should be some fun on the WV roads, it can handle some light off road too.ABS isn’t really necessary and being a beginner it’s better if you learn to use both brakes independently. Just remember, the front brake has 80% of the stopping power, the rear brake is good to slow you down.Check out the web site adventure rider, you can find a bunch of V-strom riders hanging out in their forums.

  3. Giancarla says:

    I think it would make an excellent first bike. It’s a good all-around bike not too big, it can crisue at freeway speeds but it’s light enough to throw around a mountain road. And $4300 is a very good price for a nice clean low-mileage one.The only problem I have with it is that the V-Strom has a lot of plastic that can break if you drop it. You almost expect to drop a bike once or twice while learning. In a way it’s almost too nice a bike to learn on. So be careful. 8^) But it’s just the kind of thing you’re looking for. It’s a very good bike.BTW the Shadow would also make a good first bike. Different kind of bike, different purposes, but they are both general purpose’ machines, which is what you want.

  4. Jonatham says:

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