Pollution in China

I’ve always thought that it was pointless to get a penthouse apartment in any major Chinese city because you’d be staring at smog the whole time.  This series of photos exemplify the pollution that’s happening in China due to the rapid industrialization and lack of standards/control. What’s striking about this photo is that the kids …

More Canned Bacon

I’ve blogged about canned bacon before, now here’s another very similar, same shelf-live (10 years!!), machine gun on the can instead of camo version (via gizmodo).

Time wasters

on the interwebs: fmylife – because other people’s misfortunes bring me happiness mylifeisaverage – the opposite of fmylife latfh – because hipsters are funny … looking awkwardfamilyphotos – we all have them hiding in the drawers tweetingtoohard -because life just isn’t hard enough failblog – always a favourite thisiswhyyourefat – because it is passiveaggressivenotes – …

Castle on the Park

Have $10 million to spare? Here’s a converted church in San Francisco’s Mission district, right by Dolores Park.  Looks pretty fantastic (via boingboing).  See also.

Vintage Seattle

I saw this mansion for sale on the MLS a long time ago (I think for around $2 million). Glad to see that it’s been sold and is being restored. Seems to be a shame that it’s been sitting empty for so long.