Really CNN?

A CNN article about where I grew up – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It’s about how the TBay has soooo many saunas.


Daft Punk, the French electronic duo first released Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger in 2001.  It was most recently sampled in Kanye West’s Stronger in 2007.  Now, someone has created iDaft, where you can essentially sample the song using your keyboard.  Awesome.

I want this

Sonrisa furniture, based in LA, has some gorgeous industrial pieces.  I particularly like this light fixture.  I have just two comments: There needs to be more stores like this, in Seattle. They need to be cheaper (the light above is $3200).  Haven’t they seen the economy?

Canon ad

I love this Canon ad for the XSi.  Little do you know, it took 10 cameras and 60 000 shots to make the commercial.  However, it is a bit disengenious to be advertising the XSi (a $600 camera) when all the shots were made with a 1D Mark III (a $3700 camera). Making of video …

Wakeboarding in Venice

Create and market energy drink with ridicously high profit margin. Hire professional extreme sport atheletes Wait for historic city to flood ??? Profit This is wakeboarder Duncan Zuur wakeboarding in recently flooded Venice.  More pictures of flooded Venice.  Video of wakeboarding in Venice.


You take the biggest pool party at one of the hottest hotels in Vegas, and what do you get? A TV show, of course.

Canada joins the future

It’s been a long time since Amazon launched a Canadian site (over 6 years ago).  In fact, I remember it because it was during my first internship with the company.  But for the longest time, it only sold media products (books, CDs, DVDs, etc) whereas the rest of Amazon’s global sites gradually expanded to many …