Attack of Sakura-Con

It’s anime convention time – Sakura Con 2009.  I don’t know much about anime, but a lot of people spent a lot of time getting dressed up for it:   more here.

Flower Season

I love it that the flowers are blooming right about now. The first one is taken right outside my building, the second one is from the Quad at the UW campus.  

15 Years

I have to admit, I didn’t really know anything about Kurt Cobain when he actually died, but his lyrics, and his songs, and his untimely death touched a lot of people, to this day.  So much so that people still come to this bench outside his (old) home in Seattle, and leave flowers every year. …


Tilt-shift photography has been around for a long time.  Tilt changes the plane of focus, from the regular vertical plane (parallel to the film), to intersect the film (or sensor) at different angles.  This is why you only see a horizontal band of the picture in focus.  Shift changes the perspective of the photo, to …

Sculpture Park

  For living right next to it, I don’t walk the sculpture park enough.  But I was there the other day as the sun was setting, and ran into some red chairs and sailboats.  More redness here.