Who knew

… that I have friends with books published on Amazon? Sarah, Natalie, and August –TOEFL Now with associated TOEFL iBT website. Gayle – Cracking the Coding Interview, already on its 4th edition! Gayle, you need to get this on the Kindle.

Zappos headers

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Congrats to Natalie and August launching lenguajero.com. Do you want to learn Spanish (or English if you’re a Spanish speaker – although I doubt you’d be here if you were a non-English speaking Spanish speaker), then see how you can start learning English or Spanish today.


Over the past month, I’ve been doing a lot of biking (mainly on the weekends, since apparently long bike rides take a lot of time).  Here’s what I can remember. May-02 (Road) S. Lake Washington -> Cedar River Trail -> Tiger Mountain -> Leschi – 64 miles. May-09 (Road) Same as above – 64 miles …

The dark side of Dubai

This is a long article about dubai, but interesting (via boingboing). Once the manic burst of building has stopped and the whirlwind has slowed, the secrets of Dubai are slowly seeping out. This is a city built from nothing in just a few wild decades on credit and ecocide, suppression and slavery. Dubai is a …