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  • Pollution in China

    I’ve always thought that it was pointless to get a penthouse apartment in any major Chinese city because you’d be staring at smog the whole time.  This series of photos exemplify the pollution that’s happening in China due to the rapid industrialization and lack of standards/control. What’s striking about this photo is that the kids …

  • The asymmetry of passive-aggressiveness on status replies on facebook

    There are many actions you can take on your friends’ status updates on Facebook. The first action is inaction.  If you feel indifferent, or lazy, or if the “friend” is just an “acquaintance”, you can do nothing.  You might feel like a voyeur (or stalker-lite) for peeking into someone’s life without being an active part …

  • Cement Factory

    Cement factory gets abandoned in Barcelona. Architect buys cement factory. Beauty ensues.